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officer_swag (real) - meb

officer_swag (real)

is contact me if youre interested in attending sawcon (very funny i know)

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2021-10-05 03:50:50 CEST


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About me:

myspace 3.0
jankenmoot fleshlight now in production! shipping in
2-4 business days! get yours now for 79.99!

Who i wish to meet:

i cant get my fucking background to fit >:(

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2021-10-03 17:49:58
2021-09-30 18:44:55
Accept my friend request
2021-09-26 13:31:42
2021-09-25 15:19:22
lo fi balls hd to chill/relax/study to
2021-09-25 04:06:23
2021-09-24 08:15:45
i'm also going to sawcon can i get a link?
2021-09-24 05:07:49
2021-09-24 05:07:42
i am interested in attention sawcon where can i apply
2021-09-24 04:24:08
i will kill you
2021-09-24 04:16:37
your guitar is totally poggies :)