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InfamousGrieferPopbob - meb


is being a bitch lmfao

The Fragrance of Dark Coffee.mp3

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2022-01-17 04:22:47 CEST


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InfamousGrieferPopbob's blurbs

About me:

Current Alias: therewasaproblem#9796
The Account with "#2033" got jannied lol!

Prior Aliases: merc#2033, InfamousGrieferPopbob#2033, Mercen#2033

I am an oldf*g of the server and the "CYIO Project" as a whole that nobody really cares about and or wants to remember.
I'm just here because I want to be. I never really made an account on here before because i stopped caring about the website like after the 2nd time i was unbanned then rebanned again on the discord server lol.

Who i wish to meet:

Nobody in particular.
Maybe the new staff members, but that depends.

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2022-01-17 04:17:17
why does fefine have me blocked
who the fuck is fefine
2022-01-13 14:25:47
2022-01-02 11:45:11
the legend himself
2021-12-31 18:49:55
2021-12-28 18:30:57
i dont like you
2021-12-28 18:04:26