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Does this website have rules?

Yes. Please read them.

How to create an account?

Go here: Sign Up

How do I edit my friend list?

You can favorite, remove or block friends here: My Friends list

Can I see all users somewhere?

Yes, here: All users

How do I remove Janken Popp from my friends?

Try this: Top 10 reasons why I hate Janken Popp from meb

How do I customize my profile?

1. Learn some CSS basics here: Mozilla CSS Lessons
2. Use the custom CSS formular available here: Edit your profile
3. Use pure CSS only:

I'm going to snitch your ass to the GDPR.

privacy policy

I'm a developer, is there an api for this?

yes mr hackerman. the syntaxes and all that stuff is listed there.

Do you have a Discord server?

Yes! But it's not specifically for Meb.
We have a Meb suggestions channel but this is more for every project we make at CYIO, including meb.

How do i disable CSS on a page temporarily?

Put &nocss at the end of the url.
You can also disable CSS on every page by toggling it on your settings.

I changed my flash file/song/profile picture but it isnt actually changing. Fix your software, loser!

This is a cache issue and is only on your side. Try CTRL-F5 or SHIFT-F5 to clear cache and refresh.
If that doesn't work, wait around 30minutes to 1 hour and it should change.

How do i pause/fullscreen/rewind a flash player window?

Right click on it

OH. MY. GOD. How DARE you use Google Analytics. Don't you know Google violates your privacy and t

Guide on how to block Google entirely, comin' right up bud.

Is there a support team? I have a question

Yes and also No.
The moderation, development and "support team" is the same person
Send me an email or a comment on my profile or a message on my profile

Can I use the Markdown Syntax on Meb?

Yes my friend! You can use the Markdown syntax in your ABOUT and WHO sections,
also in COMMENTS and BLOGS.
Learn more here: Basic Syntax

Can you exchange your friends for robux money?

Yes! with Meb® Developer Exchange™ you can trade your IRL friends for money.
Beluga LOVES this tool!